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We are overwhelmed by the unquestionable strength and character of our school communities during this challenging time. Our schools remain encouraged by the outpouring of support we have received from you in providing a safe environment and the positive attitudes from your children in unique circumstances. Your messages of gratitude, acts of generosity and words of encouragement are powerful affirmations for our team of dedicated teaching and support staff.

Children In Need 2020

On Friday 13th November, students can come to school wearing an accessory and donate 50p to Children In Need.

#HaltonReads Festival

We have a fantastic opportunity to get involved in the #HaltonReads Festival from 16th to 27th November 2020. This will be a fabulous way to encourage students to read for pleasure both in school and at home. Please keep a note of any minutes you spend reading as a class or at home and let your teacher know!

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