Reception - Year 11 Nasal Flu

18th-20th October 2021

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Public Health Halton: Important Update

Public Health Halton have written to secondary schools this afternoon to share that they are seeing an overall rise in cases locally and rates in school aged children are high in Halton.


They have asked that Halton schools implement the following measures to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus:

Hands, face, space, fresh air

  • Good levels of cleaning and hygiene maintained throughout the schools
  • Good levels of ventilation and use of CO monitors where available
  • Regular handwashing /hand sanitising
  • Secondary schools reinstate mask wearing in communal areas until the October half term.

Sporting Success

Enrichment and after school activities are in full swing and it is brilliant to see so many students staying after school to make the most of the opportunities we are providing.

Primary Prefects

Congratulations to our Primary Prefects who have been elected to help support their peers and the school. We know that you will work hard and carry out your role with enthusiasm and dedication.

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